• 10 JAN 19
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    Muscle relaxation at the back of the heel and leg (Achillotenotomy-gastrocnemius relaxation)

    Gastrocnemius muscles are located at the back of the leg and Achilles tendon is located behind the heel. Increased spasticity due to strained muscles disturb walking biomechanics and cause a series of problems that may lead to tiptoeing, failure to step straight and bent knees. Upon evaluation of paediatric orthopaedist, achillotenotomy can be used to relax the muscles behind the heel or gastrocnemius relaxation for muscles behind the leg.

    After the operation cast or brace (device) can be used based on the decision of the paediatric orthopaedist. Patients that have the ability to walk before the operation can walk after the operation with support. Medicine prescribed after being discharged shall be used and polyclinic visits at days 10 and 21 shall be followed.



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